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EastFruit calls on all reputable businesses to stop any business with russia

Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine and numerous documented war crimes against civilians in this country made most international and foreign companies withdraw from russia and stop any business with it. EastFruit also banned any access to its resources for the companies and citizens from russia and belarus.

EastFruit’s international team of experts realizes that many companies in our region heavily rely on revenues gained from sales in russia. However, we also understand that the life of every child and every innocent civilian, which are killed every day by the coward russian army is priceless and has more value than anything else.

Through its continued terrorism in Ukraine russia is also ruining global food security. Ukrainian farmers are presently unable to carry out any field works and many of the farms are destroyed completely. This will most likely kill millions of people worldwide due to food shortages and an imminent surge in global hunger and malnutrition.

Therefore, the international team of EastFruit would like to call on all horticulture businesses in the world to stop any businesses with russia. Do not export fruits and vegetables to russians, do not sell them farm equipment, seeds, nursery plants, greenhouse technologies, do not provide technical advice and do not buy anything from these barbarians! The world needs to unite and stop russian aggression towards humanity, democracy, and human rights!

From today onwards EastFruit is going to closely monitor which countries and companies continue dealing with russia and are co-financing russian terrorism and killings of children in Ukraine and worldwide. We will also make sure to report the names of these companies to the public.

Remember, that reputation is the most valuable asset in any business, and maintaining any relation with russia today will ruin your reputation. We also call on all businesses worldwide to support the true heroes of Ukraine in their amazing and brave resistance to the russian occupiers. All key accounts for donations and other important details on how anyone could help are described here.


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