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Demand for carrots intensified in Ukraine

An increase in prices for carrots has been noted in most regions of Ukraine this week, analysts from the EastFruit project report. Experts say the main reason for this is the seasonal reduction in the supply of good-quality carrots while wholesale companies intensified purchases.

To date, wholesale lots of carrots are sold at 33-40 UAH/kg ($0.90-1.09/kg), which is 14% more expensive on average than at the end of the last week. Project experts explain the positive price dynamics with the seasonal depletion of stocks of quality carrots in Ukrainian farms. According to market participants, wholesale companies are increasingly experiencing difficulties in buying the required volumes of high-quality carrots.

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It should be noted that Ukrainian producers are currently selling carrots on average 3 times more expensive than at the end of April last year. Market players do not exclude the possibility of a further price rise, provided that the demand for carrots remains at the same level.


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