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A rapid reduction in the supply of white cabbage provoked a price rise in Ukraine

Prices for white cabbage in Ukraine are growing rapidly, EastFruit project analysts inform. There are fewer offers on the market, while the demand for white cabbage is quite high. Consequently, farmers that still have sufficient volumes of white cabbage in their storage facilities, began to raise prices.

Ukrainian producers currently offer white cabbage of the 2022 harvest at 20-25 UAH/kg ($0.55-0.68/kg), which is 29% more expensive than a week earlier.

Market analysts explain such a rapid rise in prices with a significant reduction in the supply of cabbage on the market since its stocks in Ukrainian farms are very low. The increase in prices is also driven by increased demand for cabbage from local wholesalers and retail chains. At the same time, due to adverse weather conditions, there are often difficulties with logistics, and this also supports price growth.

It should be noted that at the moment the prices for cabbage in Ukraine are on average 40% higher than a year earlier. Market participants do not rule out that the upward trend will continue since the stocks of white cabbage in local farms are rapidly declining.


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