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Apple trees bloomed in Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan in November (photo)

As a result of sharp warming in recent days in Uzbekistan, apple trees have blossomed in the Baysun district of the country’s southernmost region – Surkhandarya region, EastFruit experts report.

“In the Panzhob massif of the Baysun district of the Surkhandarya region, “early bud opening” uncharacteristic for this time of year is observed on apple trees.

It seems that a warm air cyclone coming from the south has accelerated water circulation through the stems and branches of apple trees, which had already gone into hibernation in the foothills of this southern region of the country.


“False spring” hastened the onset of the period of opening the buds of these apple trees. Unfortunately, there will be no fruits on these apple trees, since winter is ahead and they are most likely to be subject to frost,” explains Uzhydromet specialist Erkin Abdulahatov in his Telegram channel, where he also posted a video of blooming apple trees.


It has sharply become warmer in Uzbekistan in recent days. According to Uzhydromet weather forecasters, starting from November 22, 2022, dry and warm air from the regions of Turkmenistan entered the country. The air temperature rose and in most of the territory of the republic reached 18-20 degrees Celsius by November 25, and in some places, it rose up to 22-24 degrees Celsius.

Weather forecasters say that such a high temperature in November has not been noted everywhere in Uzbekistan. There were fogs in the regions of the Ferghana Valley these days, which held back the warming of the air. The maximum temperature on November 22-23 was 10-12 degrees Celsius, and only on November 25, the air in the Ferghana Valley warmed up to 14-16 degrees in some places.


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