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Prices for apples for export to traditional markets increased in Moldova

As EastFruit price monitoring shows, wholesale prices for Idared, as well as other varieties of apples (Florina, Red Chief, etc.) in the Moldovan market usually sold in the CIS countries and Romania, have increased by an average of 1 MDL/kg since last week – up to 6-8 MDL/kg ($0.31-0.38/kg). According to market operators, the price of apples of the best quality has risen.

The reasons for the price rise are not obvious. On the one hand, the Russian market has slightly opened for Moldovan apple exporters – so far only for 32 enterprises. At the same time, the head of the Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA) suggested at a local TV channel that the list of enterprises for which restrictions on fruit exports to Russia should be lifted would expand by the end of the year. On the other hand, even though Idared is now several times more expensive in Russia than in Moldova, the export of Moldovan apples to the east (CIS countries) is not growing noticeably.

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Demand prices for apples of unpopular varieties from Moldova are low in Romania, slightly below the average price in the Moldovan market. Large local agricultural producers and traders still export “Idared” to the Romanian market, but no more than one or two refrigerated trucks per week.

That is, there are no obvious reasons for the growth of purchase prices for apples in Moldova. Perhaps, this is due to the growing expectation in the agrarian community of a sharp increase in prices for export apples to both Romania and the CIS from January next year. It might happen because of a hypothetical decrease in stocks of high-quality apples in fruit storage facilities in Poland.


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