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Abnormally early flowering of apricot in Moldova is a big risk

Unusually warm weather for March has set in Moldova since the beginning of this week. In the south of the country, the temperature maximum during the day approaches +15-17 degrees Celsius, which is 10-12 degrees above the average climatic norm. According to weather forecasts, the temperature in the daytime in the south of Moldova will rise to +20-23 degrees next week.

According to the agronomists of horticultural farms in the southern regions of the country, even if the next days are not as warm as forecasters promise, apricot orchards of early varieties may bloom in the middle of next week. Apricots in Moldova last bloomed in the first half of March eight to ten years ago, EastFruit reports.

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Quite high average daily air temperature is forecasted until the end of March. If it comes true and there is no frost, abnormally early flowering of apricot is not a problem. However, according to the experts of the State University of Moldova, a big risk is connected with the fact that the country is experiencing a deficit of moisture in the deep layers of the soil everywhere. If it is very warm and windy, and there are no rains, the top layer of soil will dry out quickly. Stone fruit trees consume the main moisture from the soil at a depth of 40-60 cm. With a lack of moisture in the soil during the flowering period, a lot of troubles are possible: falling off of flowers, absence of ovaries, etc. The situation can be more or less stable only on stone fruit plantations equipped with irrigation systems that have enough water for irrigation.


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