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A short-term rise in wholesale prices for “Moldova” table grapes in Moldova

Table grapes of “Moldova” variety rose in price on the Moldovan market by 1 MDL/kg average (up to 12 MDL/kg, $0.68/kg) in the last week of 2021. Until that moment, the prices for this variety were stable, their range remaining practically unchanged. The pre-New Year’s rise in prices for the main local “winter” grapes on the Moldovan market is a common phenomenon. In December 2020, the wholesale price for Moldova grapes increased to about the same level. The peculiarity of the end of 2021 lied only in the fact that the price rise occurred late, and it will not last long.

In this regard, experts of the associations note that there was no export demand for Moldova grapes of 2021 harvest in December. Only in the last decade did the Moldovan suppliers of fruits to Romania became more active. Moldova grapes of the best quality that were left on the eve of the winter holidays, were sold to exporting traders at a slightly higher price than a few weeks earlier, but cheaper than the growers had hoped.

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Supermarket chains in Moldova, apparently, also slightly increased the purchase of local grapes on the eve of the holidays. The quality of “Moldova” on the store shelves of some chains has noticeably improved in the last days of 2021, while its retail price has not practically changed – 14-16 MDL/kg ($0.79-0.90/kg).

The heads of the associations believe that the pre-holiday price rise for Moldova grapes will not last long. The quality of grapes stored in the cold facilities is rapidly degrading. Almost all of the remaining product will be sold (or disposed of) next week.


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