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A new wave of rise in price of cabbage in Russia

There is a shortage of white cabbage supply on the Russian market, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to growers, demand from retail chains and wholesale companies has grown sharply this week, allowing to freely increase prices for white cabbage given its limited supply.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, prices for cabbages in the Russian Federation increased by an average of 11% over the week. Today, growers offer them at 27-38 RUB/kg ($0.36-0.51/kg). The producers managed to increase the price of white cabbage due to a noticeable reduction in its supply from small farms that were selling directly from the field, as they did not have their own storage. At the same time, we note that the growers of high-quality cabbages currently prefer to restrain sales waiting for further price increases.

Today, the price of white cabbage in the Russian Federation is already 3.5 times higher on average than in the same period last year, while most market participants foresee its further rise in price. They explain this by a decrease in the production of cabbages in the country, while the share of those suitable for long-term storage has also noticeably decreased.


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