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A new cycle of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine started at the usual time

Despite the rise in the cost of energy resources, Ukrainian greenhouse complexes entered the market with a new production cycle of cucumbers, EastFruit project analysts report. Even at the beginning of winter, most representatives of the greenhouse industry in Ukraine were not sure about the start of the new season due to a sharp increase in the cost of energy, but today greenhouses in the Central, Western and Northern regions have started selling cucumbers from the new cylce. The first batches of greenhouse cucumbers became available on the Ukrainian market at the same time as last year.

But still, the rise in the cost of energy has influenced the cost of new cucumbers. The first batches of smooth cucumbers entered the market at 80-82 UAH/kg ($2.86-2.93/kg), which is on average 10% more expensive than the first batches last year. The price of cucumbers with spines increased more sharply, and price growth in the segment continues. Today greenhouse sell cucumbers with spines at no cheaper than 90-95 UAH/kg ($3.22-3.40/kg), which is on average 17% more expensive than in the same period last year.

It should also be noted that Ukrainian greenhouses started the sales season of new cycle cucumbers with such high prices due to the rapid decrease of imported, in particular Turkish, cucumbers on the market. According to the Internet portal turkmenportal.com, there have been heavy snowfalls in Turkey since the end of January, and the supply of fruits and vegetables from Turkey is complicated today.

Nonetheless, most of the key market players agree that with an increase in the volume of the cucumbers from the new harvest in local  greenhouses, their prices will start to decline. However, a number of factors should be considered here. If the weather conditions are favorable, Ukrainian greenhouse  plan to reach full capacity in 10-15 days. Also, the supply of imported products may increase on the Ukrainian market as soon as weather normalizes in Turkey. All these factors can significantly affect the cost of Ukrainian greenhouse cucumbers in the future.


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