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A good harvest of table grapes expected in Moldova

According to experts from the Association of Grape Producers and Exporters, surveys of table grape plantations in Moldova show that the current condition of the vineyards allows forecasting a very good harvest of table grapes – much more than 100 000 tonnes.

Compared to last year, when the harvested crop was also close to the symbolic mark of 100 000 tonnes, the situation is better – at least, the phytosanitary conditions almost everywhere at the beginning of summer are satisfactory. Even on those plantations where no pesticide spraying has been carried out, the risk of spreading mildew and gray rot is still minimal. Last year these diseases were a big problem for the country’s winegrowers in the flowering period.

In the second half of spring and early summer of this year, the weather was very favorable for the development of grape bushes: there was no heavy rainfall, or extremely low and high temperatures. Grapes of early table varieties bloomed well. Even in the vineyards of the late “Moldova” variety, more than 10% of the inflorescences have already opened.

This allows us to hope for a slightly earlier ripening of the crop. Perhaps ripening will start before the period of rains and frosts, from which the quality of the table grape harvest in Moldova has suffered much in the past few years.


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