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80% of all melons and gourds grown in Tajikistan came from Khatlon in 2020

Farmers of the Khatlon region of Tajikistan with a total allotment of 15,500 hectares for melons and gourds, produced 590,000 tons of watermelons, melons, and pumpkins in 2020. This figure was 80% of the total volume of melons and gourds grown in all of Tajikistan. These statistics were reported by the regional department of agriculture. In the coming year, the region’s farmers intend to obtain more than 600,000 tons of melons in all forms of farming.

Khatlon region is the largest agricultural producer in Tajikistan. Last year, the agrarians of this region produced about 50% of the total volume of agricultural production. It produced 57% of the volume of vegetables, 64% of grains, 60% of raw cotton, 57% of meat, 50% of milk, and 43% of fruits and grapes.

In 2020, in all forms of management of the region, the main sowing was carried out on an area of ​​426,000 hectares and repeated sowing on 130, 600.

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The region produced 985,000 tons of grain, 277,000 tons of cotton, 1.47 million tons of vegetables, 193,000 tons of potatoes, 590,000 tons of melons, 210,000 tons of fruits, and 107,000 tons of grapes. All of these indicators, except for potatoes, are 1.5-20% higher than the agricultural production data from 2019 in the Khatlon region.

In total, the region produced crop products for more than 12.3 billion somonis ($1.08 billion). Some of its products have been exported. More than 108,000 tons of various horticulture products were exported, including more than 92,000 tons of vegetables, which is 120% more than in 2019. The main export product of the region is onions. Also, citrus fruits, melons, grapes, pistachios, and almonds are exported from here.


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