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10,000 tons of table grapes mainly intended for exports remain in storage in Moldova

At least 10,000 tons of table grapes remain in the warehouses of Moldovan agricultural producers and traders. The National Association of Table Grape Producers and Exporters notes that these are products that are properly stored in refrigerated chambers and intended mainly for exports. In addition, it is quite possible that a significant amount of grapes are still stored in less technologically advanced warehouses of small farms and rural households and these products are intended exclusively for the domestic market of Moldova.

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Representatives of the association believe that the presence of significant commodity stocks of grapes from the 2020 harvest still in industrial refrigerators of agricultural and trading enterprises is of concern, but definitely not alarming so far. In December last year, the process of exporting grapes slowed down and is still relatively low.

Nevertheless, in January 2021, there are already cases of high-quality grapes being supplied to the European Union at a rather high price of 20 lei/kg ($1.16/kg). The price for low-quality grapes sold on the domestic market, including to exporters, fluctuates on average within the range of 9-11 lei/kg ($0.52-0.64/kg).

In total, about 49,000 tons of table grapes were exported from Moldova in 2020; in 2019 there were 79,000 tons exported. Grape production this past year is estimated at 70,000 tons, whereas in 2019 it was almost 112,000 tons.


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