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Sweet but Healthy? A Look at the Top 5 Fruits with the Highest Sugar Content

We all love fresh fruits and the most people on Earth, especially children, prefer the sweetest fruits with highest sugar content.

EastFruit decided to study sugar content in fruits and create a ranking of the world’s sweetest fruits, and try to assess whether the sweetness of fruits could be a problem or a concern for human health.

So, what are these top-5 sweetest fruits in the world?

The first place in the ranking of the sweetest fruits in the world rightfully belongs to mango. Specifically, supermangoes from Egypt and Philippine’s mango varieties known as Carabao mango or Manila mango are competing for the top spot among the many varieties of mangoes known in the world. These varieties are even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the sweetest in the world. At the same time, the sugar content is not indicated, but Egyptian sources claim that their varieties had BRIX indicators of 23. For the reference, BRIX values are a measure of the soluble solids content of a solution. In fruits the units or BRIC are basically the same as sugars with some minor exceptions.

Grapes, or rather table grape varieties, can compete with mangoes for primacy in this ranking. The Cotton Candy grape variety is especially famous for its sweetness. This variety contains sugar content up to 20%. There is also information that Crimson grapes under certain conditions can reach 20-23 BRIX units. Other very sweet grape varieties include Dominga, Black Monukka, and Muscat.

Lychee – is an exotic fruit, which is famous for its sweetness and contains on average up to 18% sugars. In some cases sugar content in lychees could be even higher and it could also compete with the grapes and mangoes in sweetness.

Cherries, depending on the variety and growing conditions, can be either very sweet or slightly sour. Here we are talking about sweet cherries although some sour (tart) cherries could also develop a rather high sugar content, but it would not be nearly as high as in sweet cherries. Among the sweetest internationally recognized varieties of cherries, we highlight such as Chelan, Rainier, Sweetheart, Bing, Regina, and Lapins. Particularly sweet types of cherries can contain up to 20% sugars.

Passion fruit (Granadilla) is another very tasty fruit with increased sweetness. Some varieties of passion fruit can contain up to 22-23% sugars, but the average BRIX value in these fruits is about 18-19 BRIX units.

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How healthy are these super sweet fruits?

Undoubtedly, people suffering from diabetes or a tendency to a number of other diseases need to be careful about consuming especially sweet fruits. However, sweet fruits contain a lot of healthy fiber (the only exception here is grapes), a whole range of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. In addition, consuming fruit improves mood and increases resistance to stress, which also has overall beneficial effects on a person’s health and well-being.

As for children, who, unlike many adults, are very active, very sweet fruits are an extremely important element of nutrition for them, also providing the energy necessary for play and movement.

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