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Herb pastes of the “Georgian greens” brand will become available in Georgian and international markets in February

Georgian supermarket chains will launch the sales of herb pastes by the “Georgian greens” brand in February. The producer, Georgian greens LLC from Georgia, plans to export the first batches, too.

“Our company is currently negotiating with several Georgian supermarket chains, and we expect the results soon. In addition, we sent samples of our products to various countries. We often travel to international agricultural exhibitions, and we know the supply and demand. Herb pastes are a quite rare product. Their niche has not been developed in the same way as, for example, the niches of jams and juices, and the demand for them is quite high. Buyers from the United States and the countries of the Persian Gulf are interested in our products. We will form and ship the first export lots in February,” Eka Vepkhvadze, co-founder of Georgian greens LLC, told EastFruit.

According to Eka Vepkhvadze, 4 types of herb paste will be introduced to the market in February – cilantro, parsley, dill, and garlic. The assortment will expand to 13 positions by April – basil, oregano, rosemary pastes, etc. will be added.

“Our products are fresh herbs that have undergone a special heat treatment, which, on the one hand, eliminates microbiological contamination, and, on the other hand, preserves their nutritional properties. The only additive is quite a bit of salt and water. There is nothing else in it. At the same time, the product is quite concentrated – it takes several kilograms of raw materials to produce 200 grams of paste. Our herb paste is not the final product to eat or to make a sandwich, but it is an ingredient added to dishes. It is very convenient to use – to give the finishing touch to the dish, you do not need to look for fresh herbs, wash, sort and cut. Just put a teaspoon of the Georgian greens paste,” Eka Vepkhvadze said.

At this stage, Georgian greens products will be produced in 250-gram glass jars. The price will depend on the cost of a particular herb. According to preliminary estimations, the price for a can of herb paste in the Georgian market will be in the range of 4-8 GEL ($1.5-3), while export prices will range from $2 to $5.

The company purchases raw materials from long-term partner farmers in the regions of Imereti and Kvemo Kartli, where the production of herbs is most developed.
“Partner farmers planted for us several types of herbs rare for Georgia, including rosemary and ginger,” she said.

The Georgian greens company, established in November 2022, currently produces under an outsourcing agreement at an enterprise in the village of Misaktsieli (Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Eastern Georgia). The production is controlled by a technologist and quality manager of the company. According to Eka Vepkhvadze, the enterprise was chosen because it has implemented the highest food safety standards. Georgian greens LLC plans to open its own enterprise in the summer.

“We have already selected the equipment we need, and we will purchase and bring it to Georgia soon. We will also own the building. We will initially focus on international standards. I hope we will put our enterprise into operation this summer,” said Eka Vepkhvadze.


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