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Pre-holiday increase in apple prices in Moldova

From mid-December to 27 December, prices for apples of almost all varieties have increased  on the Moldovan market by 0.5-1 MDL/kg average. The wholesale prices, both minimum and maximum, for cheap apples increased more noticeably: “Idared” and “Simirenko” – 5-6 MDL/kg ($0.28-0.34/kg), as well as “Gala”- up to 7 MDL/kg ($0.39/kg). Nevertheless, prices are still below the level of the end of December 2021.

Producers’ organizations note that the pre-holiday price rise, to a lesser extent, is due to the latest surge in supplies of cheap apples to Russia this year. To a greater extent, it is caused by an increase in demand for high-quality apples from local supermarkets. For the first time in the largest chains in Chisinau, a fairly wide selection of Moldovan apples (Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Braeburn, etc.) appeared in branded European-style cardboard boxes. Imported apples (Ukrainian and Polish) are also present in the chains. However, they are often more expensive, while the difference in quality is almost unnoticeable.

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Some participants on the domestic fruit market believe that the rise in prices for apples in Moldovan retail has also become possible due to the large price difference with citrus fruits, primarily oranges. Their wholesale price is stable at the level of $1/kg in December of this year – it almost does not differ from last year’s price range. In the current situation, some categories of consumers prefer less “festive”, but cheap apples.


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