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Why are potatoes getting cheaper in Ukraine again?

According to the daily monitoring data of the EastFruit project, potato harvesting which has been delayed due to rainy weather continues in Ukraine. Thus, the supply of potatoes on the market increased sharply, and prices started declining.

Today the prices were in the range of 4-7 UAH/kg ($0.11-0.19/kg), which is on average 16% cheaper than a week earlier.

At the same time, it is still hard to buy sufficient volumes of high-quality potatoes, and the prices are at the maximum limits of the price range. Producers that have high-quality potatoes prefer to store them, expecting positive price dynamics in winter and spring.

Meanwhile, a lot of low-quality potatoes that cannot be stored became available on the market. Growers are willing to sell them at a relatively low price, otherwise they will have to bear huge losses. To date, low-quality potatoes can be purchased from 2 UAH/kg ($0.05/kg).

Despite the decline in prices, potatoes in Ukraine are currently sold at almost the same price as a year ago. Most producers do not agree to reduce prices and choose to stop selling potatoes, expecting a rise in prices in the segment in about a month.


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