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Where are the first batches of Uzbek onions sent after the lifting of export ban?

On March 18, 2023, the abolition of a temporary ban on the exports of onion from Uzbekistan was reported. Just a few hours after the corresponding announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture requests for trucks to ship Uzbek onions to foreign markets started appearing in the logistics groups in social networks, EastFruit experts note.

To which countries are the first batches of onions sent from Uzbekistan after the lifting of restrictions on onion exports?

According to participants in the logistics services market, when it became known about the lifting of restrictions on the exports of Uzbek onions, requests for trucks from exporters immediately began to arrive. Moreover, the transport for shipping to Poland was first requested, and requests for trucks there are quite active now.

In the next day or two, requests were also received for trucks to ship onions from Uzbekistan to Moldova, however, there are not many of them so far.

As noted earlier by EastFruit analysts, over the past month, a downward trend has formed in the dynamics of wholesale prices for onions in Uzbekistan. At the same time, wholesale prices for onions in Uzbekistan have decreased to the lowest level among the countries of the region, where EastFruit monitors wholesale prices for fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. As of March 17, 2023, the average wholesale price for onions in the countries of the region was (in US dollars per 1 kg): Uzbekistan – $0.53; Georgia – $0.70; Tajikistan – $0.71; Moldova – $0.91; Poland – $0.97; Ukraine – $1.23.

As can be seen from the above data, the ratio of prices explains why the first batches of Uzbek onions after the lifting of the export ban are sent to Poland and Moldova. Given the high prices for onions on the Ukrainian market, it is possible that Polish importers are buying or will be buying onions from Uzbekistan soon for their subsequent delivery to Ukraine.


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