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Uzbekistan: prices for greenhouse vegetables increased by 79% in 2020

According to EastFruit analysts, wholesale prices for greenhouse vegetables in Uzbekistan increased by an average of 79% over this year. As of 26 November 2020, prices for standard red tomatoes from Uzbekistan’s greenhouses increased the most and were sold at an average of 8,000 Uzbek soms per kg (roughly 77 US cents per kg) and premium tomatoes of this type sold for approximately 10,000 soms. Exactly one year ago, these products were sold for 4,200 soms (i.e., increase in prices for the year was 90%). Prices for greenhouse pink and red fleshy tomatoes rose slightly less by 78-80% on average.

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Prices for the greenhouse cucumber short with spines has risen by 85% over the year. The greenhouse cucumber smooth short has risen by 60%. They can be bought on average for 12,000 soms. All types of greenhouse sweet peppers increased in price by an average of 80%.

According to preliminary estimates, in the last calendar year, Uzbekistan exported just over 100,000 tons of greenhouse tomatoes for the first time ever, which made it one of the 20 largest world exporters of greenhouse tomatoes. At the same time, the export of greenhouse cucumbers from Uzbekistan amounted to about 8,500 tons and greenhouse sweet peppers at 9,600 tons.


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