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Unexpected result of blackout in the apple sector of Moldova

Managers of Moldovan factories producing apple concentrate claim that “there is an abnormal surge in the supply of industrial apples” at the beginning of the week. The increase is estimated at about 20-25% compared to the level supplied daily in the previous week. At the same time, only apples from fruit storage come for processing in the second half of November.

The Association of Producers of Fruit and Vegetable Canned Food Speranța Con assumes in this regard that the recent blackout, although short, still had a psychological impact on fruit market operators. According to representatives of the organization, “farmers became worried, and to avoid product losses in the event of repeated power outages and failures in the operation of refrigerated storages, they decided to quickly sell products at least to concentrate producers.” Obviously, sellers cannot count on a decent income in this case. The range of purchase prices for industrial apples on the Moldovan market in November did not change compared to the October level – 2.0-2.1 MDL/kg ($0.10-0.11/kg).

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Previously, members of Speranța Con have repeatedly stated that they will accept “all the apples that the farmers decide to send for processing.” However, the volume of supplies of raw materials to factories producing apple concentrate in November is small – several hundred tonnes per day. The management of factories has repeatedly explored the situation in the apple market to determine the date for the processing season to end this year. Despite the “surge in supplies” of raw materials at the end of November, processors agree that by the end of this week, the volume of apple supply will decrease. The factories are most likely to stop by the end of the first decade of December.

Many Moldovan fruit market operators note that “only apples of average and high quality” are stored in the current marketing season. Accordingly, even if the exports of apples increase in December, i.e., active sorting in fruit storage facilities, there will be very few rejected products.


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