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Blackout in Moldova: is there a threat to fruits in storage?

The emergency power outage in Moldova, which became a “side effect” of the Russian attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, was not long enough to cause significant damage to fruit in storage facilities. In many regions of the country, the blackout lasted a matter of hours.

According to representatives of fruit growing associations, shutting down refrigerators for up to a day does not break the “cold chain”, especially when the average daily atmospheric temperature approaches zero. Farmers note that, in anticipation of possible interruptions in the centralized energy supply and a possible increase in electricity tariffs, many fruit storage owners purchased diesel power generators last and this year.

However, this does not mean that the regional energy crisis intensified due to the war in Ukraine has little effect on the agricultural storage sector in Moldova. According to specialists from fruit growers’ associations, the actual loss of CIS markets, as well as fears of interruptions in centralized power supply, predetermined the fact that farmers stored about half as much fruit and grapes as last year.

According to expert estimates, less than 100 000 tonnes of apples, less than 10 000 tonnes of grapes and no more than 1 000-2 000 tonnes of plums will remain in fruit storage in Moldova by the end of November.


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