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Ukrainian traders buy cheaper onions in Tajikistan

According to EastFruit experts from Tajikistan, Ukrainian trading companies are actively buying onions from local producers. Onions in Tajikistan are rapidly falling in price, because early onion varieties cannot be stored, and their supply is currently excessive. Moreover, harvesting of onions in the northern regions of Tajikistan will begin in the near future, which could lead to a complete price collapse.

At the moment, Tajik vegetable producers have already reduced prices to 4 US cents per kg of onions, while buyers are trying to bring the price down to 3 cents per kg. However, at such prices, farmers are already having losses, therefore, as a rule, they do not go for further price reductions.

Considering the prices for onions in Ukraine and the delay of the season of sales of winter onions, the importing Tajik onions to Ukraine is quite profitable now. On the Ukrainian market, there are still many offers of high-quality onions of the 2020 harvest at prices ranging from 4 to 6 UAH/kg ($ 0.15-0.22/kg). Imported onions, mainly from Uzbekistan, are sold at an average of 10 UAH/kg ($ 0.36/kg). However, the expected supply of onions from Tajikistan may slightly reduce prices.

Competitors of Ukrainian buyers of onions in Tajikistan are importers from Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, who are also interested in Tajik onions at attractive prices.

It is notable that Ukrainian companies not only buy fronions but are also recruiting labor in Tajikistan to work in various sectors of the economy, including agriculture.


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