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Ukrainian growers work in an emergency mode

Russia’s military aggression has disrupted the usual mode of life for all Ukrainians. People mobilized to defend their land. Everyone, in their place, contributes to ensuring the life of the country, fighting at the front, protecting their cities and towns, supplying assistance to the army and civilians, taking care of the food security of Ukraine.

In a commentary for EastFruit, Oleksandr Pakhno, UHA trade cooperation director, head of the “Sady Dnipra” company, reports that the company is working more than usual. According to Oleksandr Pakhno, the employees of the “Sady Dnipra” stayed with their families in Ukraine. Growers have a lot of work now – they collect and deliver aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced persons. In addition, “Sady Dnipra” supplies its products to all currently logistically available supermarket chains.

The company cares about employees, supporting their families. “We try to stay positive,” Olexandr Pakhno assures.


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