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Ukraine: less expensive carrots due to opened storages

The daily monitoring of EastFruit show that the prices of carrots on the Ukrainian market of root crops decreased on the current week, as the farmers started to sell their stocks of this product from storage.


The farmers are now offering carrots for sale at 7-10 UAH/kg ($0.18-0.26/kg), which is 14% cheaper than at the end of the previous working week. The producers say that the prices are negatively influenced by the abundant supply of carrots of medium and low quality on the market.


The quality of the product in un-equipped storages is rapidly deteriorating due to the rather warm winter, which forces the farmers to clear their stocks. However, the market players note that the owners of quality carrots, who have no problems with storage, prefer to hold off sales.


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It is worth noting that the current price of carrots in Ukraine is already 72% lower than at the end of February 2023. At the same time, most market participants anticipate further price reductions, as the trading activity in this segment is quite low.



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