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Ukraine: cabbage prices decline by 20% in a week

According to EastFruits analysts, there is an ongoing trend of decreasing prices for early white cabbage in the Ukrainian market. The primary reasons for this price adjustment are the seasonal increase in the supply of new harvest cabbage and relatively low demand for the product.

Currently, cabbage from the 2024 harvest is being offered for sale at prices ranging from 6 to 10 UAH/kg ($0.15-0.25/kg), which is on average 20% cheaper than at the end of the previous working week.

Farmers are actively reducing prices for new harvest cabbage due to excess supply in the market. Most Ukrainian farms have already started mass shipments of early cabbage. Additionally, the situation is exacerbated by relatively slow sales of this product. Wholesale companies and retail chains prefer to make purchases in small quantities, considering the relatively short shelf life of this vegetable.

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It’s worth noting that the current price for early cabbage in Ukraine is, on average, 82% lower than in the same period last year. Producers do not rule out that the trend of decreasing prices in this segment will continue in the market going forward.

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