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The wholesale price for walnut kernels in Moldova has reached the five-year high

By the end of the first week of December in Moldova, the average wholesale price for walnut kernels increased by 5 MDL/kg compared to the end of October – up to 125 MDL/kg ($7.05/kg). At the same time, the price range is very wide: from 110-115 MDL/kg for dark quarters ($6.20-6.48/kg) to 130 MDL/kg ($7.33/kg) for light halves of kernels. For large walnut kernels without shell of American and French varieties, some exporters are willing to pay more.

At the beginning of December last year, the average price for walnut kernels in Moldova was significantly lower – 85 MDL/kg ($5/kg) and the price range within 80-90 MDL/kg ($4.7-5.3/kg). In the last five years, the average wholesale price for kernels on the Moldovan market did not rise above 100 MDL/kg ($5.9/kg) until recently.

Earlier EastFruit reported that the rise in prices for walnuts in Moldova was expected. In late October – early November, members of the Union of Association of Producers of Nut Crops of Moldova, UAPCN, considered it probable that prices for Catholic Christmas would rise to 140 MDL/kg ($8/kg). The reason for optimism then was the high demand for walnut kernels on the part of exporters and, most importantly, their willingness to raise purchase prices almost every week. The UAPCN believed that given high demand and dynamically growing wholesale prices, about 80-90% of the new walnut harvest would be sold by the end of 2021.

It is difficult to judge to what extent these expectations will be justified. High demand for walnuts is likely to remain on the domestic market for at least another two weeks. However, the supply of quality walnuts is shrinking, since their stock are already small. It is not guaranteed that a further increase in purchase prices can improve the situation.


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