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The season of sour cherries from local farms has started in Poland

The first batches of local sour cherries of the season became available on the Polish market this week, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the fresh-market website. As in the last season, the weather conditions for the ripening of sour cherries are far from the most favorable. In some parts of the country there is little rainfall, in others there are storms and even hail. Meanwhile, from the point of view of purchasing prices for sour cherries, the current season will not be successful for Polish growers.

Since this is only the beginning of the sour cherry sales season, it is still difficult to estimate the demand in the segment. But it is already clear that the prices will not be record-breaking. They are slightly higher than at the beginning of last season, but the difference is small and certainly does not cover the cost of production.

Selling prices for sour cherries started at 1.60 PLN/kg ($0.34/kg) last year. To date, their average price is announced at the level of 2 PLN/kg ($0.42/kg), which is on average 25% higher than in the same period last year. At the same time, most Polish growers note that the sour cherry harvest this season will be slightly lower than in 2021.


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