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The rate of exports of Moldovan apple harvest-2022 is twice lower than last year

According to the estimates of fruit-growing organizations, based on data from the customs service of the Republic of Moldova, about 31 000 tonnes of this year’s apples were exported from the country as of the beginning of November. The export of new crop apples during the same period last year was 2.2 times higher.

According to export traders, most of the exports this fall are sent to the Belarusian market, as well as to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Thus, we can conclude that a part of Moldovan apples also ends up on the Russian market.

Moldovan suppliers really hope for massive exports to Romania in the current marketing year, but they have not yet started. Some leftovers of local apples are still sold on the Romanian market in November, but their stocks are small, and, as exporters from Moldova hope, a “window of opportunity” will open for them in the second half of the month.

Operators of the Moldovan fruit market note that apple exports to the countries of the Persian Gulf have gradually activated at the beginning of November. Apple prices in these markets are gradually increasing. Probably that’s why the purchase prices for high-quality apples of the Gala group in the domestic market of Moldova increased by 0.5-1 MDL/kg in November, up to 7.5-8 MDL/kg ($0.39-0. 42/kg).


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