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The price of walnuts in Moldova decreases due to weakening demand in the European Union

The minimum wholesale prices for inshell walnuts (from 25 to 23 MDL/kg, $1.29/kg) and walnut kernels (from 100 to 90 MDL/kg) have decreased last week in Moldova. Traders claim that prices for walnuts purchased in small bulk from small farms, as well as from individuals have decreased – that is, mainly for walnuts harvested in forests and alleys along the roads. The quality of these walnuts is average and below average.

As many participants in the walnut market note, the determining factor in the minimum price reduction is not the walnut quality, but a noticeable decrease in demand from European wholesale buyers. According to exporting traders, the decreasing interest in new contracts for the purchase of Moldovan walnuts of the 2021 harvest started two weeks ago since European buyers had an alternative – American walnuts of stable quality at a price only slightly higher. As a result, Moldovan suppliers have almost no new contracts and they are fulfilling the previously concluded ones.

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Probably, due to small deliveries under last year’s long-term contracts, the average level of wholesale prices (in national currency) for walnut kernels in February 2022 is still 8-10 MDL/kg higher than in February 2021. However, due to high inflation, there is virtually no price advantage in dollar terms.

A noticeable decrease in demand for walnuts in February in the domestic market aggravates the unpleasant market situation.


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