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The price of low-quality walnut kernels in Moldova has slightly risen after a long stagnation

The minimum wholesale price for walnut kernels increased by 13% from 65 to 70 MDL/kg ($3.74/kg) last week in Moldova. The minimum price level caught up with the average level of prices for them. And this is the price level where most purchases and sales of walnut kernels of low quality (mixed varieties, medium-sized, or slightly darkened) are made. The maximum price for high-quality kernels – about 75 MDL/kg ($4/kg) – has not changed, EastFruit experts report.

Previously, the price of walnut kernels on the Moldovan market rose for a short period in mid-December. At that time, export traders slightly raised purchase prices for good-quality kernels on average by 5 MDL/kg, as last week, hoping for an increase in pre-Easter exports to the EU. Now the incentive for a small price increase is also special: the month of Ramadan starts on March 22. Before and during this important period for Muslims, their diet is changed. In some countries, it includes more energy-intensive plant foods, including nuts. The co-founders and managers of the largest nuts exporting company in Moldova are of Arab origin, and their business is closely connected with the countries of the Middle East.

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According to the administration of the Union of Associations of Nut Producers of Moldova, a slight positive dynamic in the local walnut market is probably due to the fact that exporters will try to increase the exports of kernels to Turkey. Buyers in this country usually do not have strict requirements on product quality, and Moldavian walnuts are common to them.


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