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The price of greenhouse tomatoes collapsed in Poland

Greenhouse tomato prices in Poland have fallen sharply over the past few days, EastFruit project analysts say. According to industry experts, the reduction in their price is associated with a seasonal increase in the supply. Meanwhile, the demand in the segment, both on the domestic market and from exporters, remains rather limited, which also puts pressure on prices.

Greenhouse tomatoes are currently sold at $1.04-1.11/kg, which is on average 19% cheaper than at the beginning of this week. According to project experts, the reason for the reduction in prices was the deterioration in the quality of tomatoes in local greenhouses, which led to a decrease in demand for them. As a result, producers were forced to lower their selling prices in the hope of boosting sales in this segment.

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As tomato producers note, such a sharp price decline is a necessary measure, since the demand has dropped sharply. As a result, there are many unsold tomatoes in the storage. Their quality has noticeably decreased, and growers are trying to sell them in the first place. In addition, the situation is aggravated by limited exports.

Despite the reduction in price, greenhouse tomatoes in the Polish market currently cost on average 37% more than in the same period last year. Industry experts still do not rule out that representatives of greenhouses will keep reducing the price to prevent the accumulation of unsold tomatoes in storages.


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