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The price of cabbage in Ukraine has doubled in a week!

A rapid price rise has started in the Ukrainian market of white cabbage this week after more than 2 months of stagnation, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to market participants, the rapid rise in prices contributes to the high demand for white cabbage, while its stocks in Ukrainian farms are depleted.

Today Ukrainian producers offer white cabbage at 12 to 18 UAH/kg ($0.33-0.49/kg), which is on average 2 times more expensive than a week earlier. Reduced supply from unequipped storage facilities allows Ukrainian producers to increase the price of high-quality cabbage. Prices are also supported by increased demand from wholesalers.

However, the main factor in the increase in prices for white cabbage is its low supply on the market and consistently high demand. According to producers, the weather conditions this season have affected the yield and quality of cabbage.

To date, the cost of white cabbage in Ukraine has already reached the level of prices in the same period last year. Meanwhile, local farmers plan to continue trying to increase selling prices in this segment. They explain their intentions with the growing demand for white cabbage, which is the main reason for the price rise.


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