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The growth in the supply of cucumbers from Turkey led to a decrease in prices in Ukraine

Despite the limited supply of cucumbers in Ukrainian greenhouse complexes, their price is rapidly declining on the Ukrainian market, EastFruit project analysts report. Market operators attribute this, primarily, to a significant increase in the supply of relatively cheap cucumbers from Turkey. In addition, the rate of cucumber sales on the Ukrainian market has noticeably decreased over the past week, which also has a negative impact on the overall price level.

Today, large wholesale Turkish cucumbers in Ukraine are offered for sale at 48-60 UAH/kg ($1.31-1.64/kg), which is on average 25% cheaper than at the end of the last week. Today, several greenhouse plants offer local cucumbers and referring to the limited supply, announce prices at a quite high level of 75-80 UAH/kg ($2.05-2.19/kg).

The limited supply of cucumbers from local greenhouse complexes on the market and their rather high prices were the main reason why importers increased the supply of cucumbers from Turkey.

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We add that, despite the downward trend in prices, imported cucumbers in Ukraine are currently offered 1.6 times more expensive than in the same period last year. At the same time, most market operators do not rule out further price reductions in the segment of imports, if sales rates in this segment do not become higher.


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