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The demand for anti-hail nets of a Georgian producer far exceeds the supply

The demand for the products of the Georgian enterprise producing anti-hail nets Agrobade LLC is large and far exceeds the supply, Avtandil Maisuradze, director and co-founder of the company, told EastFruit.

Agrobade is located in the village of Ruisi, Karelian region (Shida Kartli region, Eastern Georgia). It was built and equipped with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and the USAID Agricultural Program and began operating about two months ago. Agrobade is the first and currently the only modern company producing anti-hail nets.

According to Avtandil Maisuradze, the enterprise produces 10 000 square meters of anti-hail nets daily. Threads are made from imported polyethylene at the same enterprise.

The price of 1 square meter of the net is, on average, 1 GEL ($0.38).
Among the completed orders are 158 730 square meters of the net for Sachino LLC and 31 500 square meters for Markozashvili IE (both LLC and IE are engaged in fruit production).

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As Avtandil Maisuradze said, the enterprise is aimed at fulfilling the orders of Georgian producers at this stage, and there is no question of exporting anti-hail nets.

Along with this, Agrobade plans to start production of shade nets this year.

“In the medium-term perspective, the company plans to enter export markets as well,” Avtandil Maisuradze noted.


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