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The 2022 walnut harvest in Moldova is slower than expected

Given the favorable weather conditions, representatives of the Union of Nut Producers Associations of Moldova assumed that the harvesting of walnuts this year would be completed 7-10 days earlier than in 2021. Thus, the first batches of dried and sorted inshell nuts will be exported in mid-October. According to EastFruit, due to low demand from wholesale buyers of walnuts from Romania and Moldova, as well as uncertainty about the real level of starting prices, the harvesting of late walnut varieties (Chandler, etc.) has slowed down.

According to walnut growers, this is not the worst scenario. They note that walnuts of earlier varieties (Peschansky, Lara, Fernor, etc.), which were harvested from the trees at the beginning of the season and looked good, lost their quality faster during post-harvest processing than walnuts of the same varieties harvested later. Thus, they assume that Chandler nuts harvested later will at least not lose quality. However, prolonged harvesting is a risk, especially if, as meteorologists forecast, there will be rains in Moldova at the end of this week.

In addition, long-term harvesting in orchards and the delayed first exports of walnuts adversely affect the process of walnut harvesting from alleys and forest belts. Traders are not entirely clear whether it is worth investing in the purchase of such walnuts, while favorable conditions for their harvesting are ending.

Experts forecast for the 2022 walnut harvest in Moldova has not yet been changed – 20 000-25 000 tonnes (in shell).


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