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Serbia announced first raspberry price forecast for 2024

According to EastFruit, citing a number of Serbian media and participants in the fruit and vegetable market, the Association “Our Fruits Serbia”, uniting raspberry producers and processors, organized a meeting in Arilje, Serbia on February 6, 2024 to discuss the situation on the market for this berry and assess pricing prospects for raspberries in 2024/25 season.


Despite the sharp decline in export earnings, reaching 42% in the last two years, industry representatives are optimistic about the upcoming season. They believe that there are reasons to expect raspberry prices to rise. In particular, according to participants in the Serbian raspberry market, the price of frozen raspberries is already reaching US $2.2 per kg, which means a significant increase from the beginning of 2024.


Since the end of the season is still far away, and the demand for products has clearly revived, which is confirmed by EastFruit experts, farmers hope that prices can rise quite significantly before the start of the season. According to their estimates, the purchase price for fresh raspberries can reach 350 Serbian dinars, which is equivalent to US $3.2 dollars per kg at today’s exchange rate. At this price for fresh raspberries, frozen raspberries will have to be sold on the world market for no less than US $4.0-4.2 dollars per kg.


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It is interesting that the head of the Ukrainian industry association UHA Taras Bashtannik is less optimistic about the prospects for rising prices on the global frozen raspberry market. He believes that overproduction of raspberries and low prices will continue in Ukraine in 2024/25. If Ukraine continues to sell frozen raspberries at a low price, then we cannot expect prices to rise in Europe, especially to such high levels as currently expected in Serbia.


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