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Russia: Harvesting of late varieties of cabbage led to a decrease in prices

The prices for white cabbage on the Russian market have remained relatively stable for the last 3 months, analysts of the EastFruit project report. But there is a negative price trend in this segment today, since growers almost all over the country have started harvesting late varieties of cabbage.

Over the week, the price of cabbage in Russia decreased by an average of 12%. Today, most growers are ready to ship white cabbage at 17-27 RUB/kg ($ 0.23-0.37/kg), while a week earlier the price did not fall below 20 RUB/kg ($ 0.27 / kg).

According to the grower, the weather this season affected the appearance of medium and late varieties of cabbage: due to prolonged rains, there was excessive water in cabbage fields, which subsequently led to cracking of cabbage.

However, the prices for white cabbage in the Russian Federation today are on average two times higher than in the same period last year. Key market players attribute this price difference to a noticeable decrease in the gross harvest of white cabbage. It is worth noting that many growers consider the decline in prices in this segment to be a temporary phenomenon, since cabbage not suitable for long-term storage is sold today.


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