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Moldovan apples can’t compete in prices with imports from Ukraine and Poland in local retail

According to the managers of Moldova’s fruit farms, the retail price for local non-premium apples in the largest supermarket chains of Moldova is about 17 lei/kg ($0.99/kg). That’s the lowest price for such common varieties like Idared, Florina, etc. Whereas, imported (Ukrainian, Polish) apples in Moldovan retail chains are sold on average no more than 16 lei/kg ($0.93/kg). As a result, local apples are a rare commodity in large retail chain stores of Moldova, especially in the capital city.

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Fruit market operators state that imported apples in the Moldovan retail began to prevail at end of October last year even when locally-produced ones entered commercial chains directly from orchards bypassing refrigerated warehouses altogether. By mid-February, taking into account the costs of sorting, storing, and packaging in consumer containers, the profitability of dessert apples is at least 8 lei/kg ($0.46/kg), according to agricultural producers.

Currently, it is not difficult to find buyers-exporters of apples to Russia ready to pay at least 10-11 lei/kg ($0.58-0.63/kg), even for Idared. The average demand prices for apples of premium varieties (e.g., Fuji, Jonagold, etc.) for exports are 13-14 lei/kg ($0.75-0.81/kg).


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