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Prices for strawberries keep falling rapidly in Ukraine

Strawberries in Ukraine are rapidly becoming cheaper, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to growers, a sharp decrease in prices is facilitated by an increase in the supply of strawberries from local farms. The weather conditions in the main production regions were favorable for harvesting strawberries throughout the week, so the volume of strawberries on the market is growing very quickly.

In the last week alone, the price of strawberries in Ukraine has fallen by 36% average. Even on the eve of last weekend, farmers refused to sell strawberries from greenhouses at less than 100-130 UAH/kg ($3.42-4.44/kg), but at the beginning of this week, when the southern regions started peak harvesting from greenhouses, prices for strawberries immediately fell to UAH 50-100/kg ($1.71-3.42/kg).

It is still worth noting that key market players foresee a further reduction in strawberry prices, especially since large horticultural farms will start harvesting strawberries under agrofibre at the end of this week. This, in turn, will also put significant pressure on selling prices in the segment.


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