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Prices for blueberries keep falling in Ukraine

The Ukrainian market has seen a decrease in wholesale prices for blueberries from local farms for the second week in a row, EastFruit project analysts inform.

Today Ukrainian producers offer blueberries at 150-210 UAH/kg ($5.13-7.18/kg), which is on average 26% cheaper than at the end of the last week. According to growers, several factors cause a decrease in prices in the segment. The offer on the blueberry market is currently quite large, since the yield of blueberries has noticeably increased this year. Blueberry production in Ukraine has also grown significantly this year, as new plantations earlier established by growers come into fruition this season.

Besides, farmers have to make such adjustments due to a very limited demand both in the domestic market and from exporters, since most Ukrainian producers have no opportunity to export now. Also, according to agrarians, retail chains have reduced purchases of blueberries to a minimum, referring to the extremely low interest of end consumers.

Blueberries in Ukraine are currently on average 45% cheaper than last year. However, Ukrainian farmers are sure that blueberries will become even cheaper at least until the beginning of August, and the intensity of the price decline will depend on the activity of buyers and an increase in the supply on the market.


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