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Prices of onions in Russia show upward tendency

The analytical team of the EastFruit project, having consulted with market participants, informs that after a long period of stability in Russia, onions began to rise in price. According to the key market players, this rise can be called traditional for a season with relatively small production. To date, farmers have practically closed the sales of onions from unequipped storage facilities. Higher quality products are offered at higher prices since the demand has remained steadily high in recent days.

Today, Russian farmers manage to sell high-quality onions for 11-18 rubles/kg ($0.15-0.24/kg), which is on average 11% more expensive than a week before.

Market participants explain the rise in prices in this segment by the high demand from wholesale companies. However, according to the wholesale companies, the main problems are not with the quantity but with the quality. Due to the dry summer, farms managed to collect only a limited amount of high-grade quality onions.


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