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Potatoes and vegetables in Russia are significantly more expensive

For the first 5 weeks of 2021 in Russia, the average price for potatoes increased by 40% in annual terms: 30.9 rubles/kg ($0.42/kg) versus 22.2 rubles/kg ($0.30/kg) one year earlier. This was reported by Agro.ru with reference to RBC and weekly data by Rosstat.

Carrots have also risen in price during this period by 34% to 37 rubles ($0.50), tomatoes by 20% up to 173.6 rubles ($2.35), cucumbers by 16% up to 175.4 rubles ($2.37), and onions by 10% up to 27.8 rubles ($0.38).

Tatyana Gubina, the head of staff at the Potato Union of Russia, noted that due to the record harvest in 2019, the wholesale price in January 2020 was 10 rubles per kilogram and potatoes were sold at cost. In the current year, the price has increased due to the excess demand versus supply.

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The Ministry of Agriculture said that the potato harvest fell by 11.3% in 2020 compared to 2019 and the share of small potatoes also increased. Due to the competition from retailers for large potatoes, the price has increased. The Ministry also said that prices for the products should begin to decline in June when the new harvest arrives on the market.


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