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Poland loses its largest apple export market

This season will be a huge test for Polish growers and exporters of fruits, analysts of the EastFruit project say. The main reason for low exports in the current season will not be the overproduction of apples in Poland, but relations with Belarus that was the leader in purchasing Polish apples last season.

In 2020, Belarus was the leader among the importers of Polish apples, and imported more than 121 thousand tons worth 204 million PLN. Germany that bought 76 thousand tons of apples was second, and Egypt that bought 75 thousand tons was third. But they will not be able to compensate for the loss of the Belarusian market this season, like no one has managed to compensate for the loss of the Russian market so far.

According to the fresh-market website, an increase in logistics costs will also be a problem in the current season. However, it will affect long-distance exporters the most, while those who trade in the neighboring countries will benefit. In this context, China and the countries of the southern hemisphere are losing the most from the growth in costs.

On the other hand, the low price is a factor that can have a positive effect on the Polish exports of apples. The demand for apples is very low today. Thus, apples of the “Idared” variety go on sale from 0.25 PLN/kg ($0.06/kg)! Varieties such as Ligol or Champion are sold at 0.70 PLN/kg ($0.18/kg). Only Gala and Golden apples are sold at more than 1 PLN/kg ($0.25/kg).


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Aayo 23 Oct 21 at 19:59

In August 2020, apple exports to Belarus totaled just 251 tons, compared to 2181 tons this August.

We also saw growth in September in 2020 – exports to Belarus were higher than in August 2020 at 1381 tons. However, in September 2021 we exported 2963 tons.

A threefold increase in apple exports to Egypt occurred in September 2021 compared to September 2020. A significant increase in apple exports is also noticeable to Kazakhstan.


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