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Poland imports huge volumes of onions from Russia, but it is Ukrainian imports farmers are unhappy with!

Against the backdrop of mass protests by Polish farmers against imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, EastFruit analysts draw attention to the very glaring facts of double standards of the Polish authorities and the agricultural community.

We described in this article how the Polish Minister of Agriculture of Poland was manipulating public opinion and telling outright lies about imports of Ukrainian produce. However, neither Mr Czeslaw Siekierski nor Polish farmers expressed any dissatisfaction with the massive imports of onions from Russia.

According to official Polish trade statistics, Russia was the largest supplier of onions to the Polish market from non-EU countries and third after Germany and the Netherlands overall! From the beginning of the season (August 2023) to the end of December 2023, Poland purchased 24.3 thousand tons of fresh onions from the Russian suppliers. For comparison, Ukraine supplied almost 500 times less onions to Poland during the same period than Russia. By the way, even Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan supplied less onions to Poland than Russian exporters.



This is not at all surprising, as today wholesale prices for onions in Russia are 2.5 times lower than prices in Poland. Accordingly, Poland is not able to compete in price with Russian onions and local traders are happy to buy them from this terrorist country to feed the Polish consumers.

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Let us remind you that Poland is among the top 10 largest global exporters of onions. Moreover, Poland exports onions mainly to the countries of the European Union, as well as to Ukraine. However, the massive imports of cheap onions from a country that openly declares its desire to destroy Poland does not cause any protests among Polish farmers, but Ukrainian raspberries, which help them earn extra money, evoke such emotions that it forces them to openly violate the law of their own country and the legislation of the European Union.


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