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Overview of retail prices for onions in Kyiv

According to EastFruit analysts, who finished an audit of the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, today, the average retail price for onions in supermarket retail has currently reached an absolute record – 55.3 UAH/kg. This is about $1.51/kg at the current exchange rate.

At the same time, onion prices in different chains vary greatly. The minimum price fixed by us for onions of standard quality (we did not take into account onions that do not meet the minimum quality requirements) was 44.99 UAH/kg. The maximum fixed price is 69.99 UAH/kg – more than $1.9/kg!

We have described the reasons for such high prices for onions in detail in the article “Global fresh onion market review – are prices about to skyrocket?” published in mid-January 2023. As you see, the forecasts have come true, and the increase in prices for onions in Ukraine, perhaps, has not yet reached its maximum.

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The cheapest onions were found in one of the stores of the Novus chain. The most expensive onions were sold in several stores of the Silpo supermarket chain. Onions cheaper than 50 UAH/kg can be bought only in one chain except for Novus – in Varus. The most common price for onions was 52.99 UAH/kg, about $1.44/kg. At this or close to this price, fresh onions were sold in the metropolitan stores of the ATB, Eco-Market, Velyka Kyshenya, Velmart, Fora chain stores, most Novus stores, and in some Silpo chain stores.


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