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Onions are rapidly getting cheaper in Ukraine, and producers are entirely lost

This week, selling prices for new crop onions in Ukraine have already dropped below last year’s level, EastFruit project analysts report. Farmers are seriously concerned about the current situation because the harvesting of late varieties of onions has yet to begin, and demand in this segment remains very low, even against the background of a rapid decline in prices.

To date, prices for onions have already dropped to UAH 12-18/kg ($0.33-0.49/kg), which is 15% cheaper on average than at the end of the last working week. The key market players explain the following price reduction in this segment by the fact that almost all Ukrainian farms have started harvesting onions this week, so the supply of this product on the market is growing quite quickly. But demand, according to farmers, remains extremely low, and the price reduction, unfortunately, does not affect sales.

At the same time, selling prices for onions in Ukraine are already, on average, 36% lower than at the beginning of August 2022. Nevertheless, many market operators are sure that such low prices are temporary, and closer to mid-September, prices for high-quality onions may begin to grow intensively when resellers start to purchase these products for storage.


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