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Onion prices in Ukraine hit an all-time record in the history of country’s independence

Selling prices for onions in Ukraine set another record last week, breaking the mark of 30 UAH/kg ($0.82/kg), EastFruit project analysts report. Undoubtedly, the increase in the segment will continue, as there is a rush demand for onions, and many Ukrainian farms have almost run out of stocks.

To date, prices for onions have already risen to 30-35 UAH/kg ($0.82-0.96/kg), which is on average 11% more expensive than a week earlier. The price of 35 UAH/kg ($0.96/kg) is currently a record for the entire history of Ukraine’s independence and, compared to last year, selling prices in the segment have increased by on average 4 times!

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Constant power outages, due to which a large part of the onions in storage became unsuitable for consumption, contributed to the price rise. That is why market participants are noting the lack of supply of onions in the Ukrainian market today. However, it is not worth counting on the supply of imported onions since most Central Asian countries have significantly reduced their onion exports.


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