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Onion price in Poland in December 2022 was three times higher than a year ago

The war in Ukraine and a poor harvest in Western Europe have led to high export volumes of Polish onions and a noticeable price increase, AgroTimes reports with reference to Rzeczpospolita.

“The droughts have resulted in the loss of supplies from major producers in the EU, including Spain. Due to the war, onion production in Ukraine has significantly decreased”, – Mariusz Divulsky, an expert at PKO BP, explained to the media. “It was the jump in exports to Ukraine that led to a 60% increase in sales from Poland from July to October 2022.”

In mid-December, buyers paid 2.28 PLN (19.07 UAH) per kilogram of onions. This is the highest price in December since 2004, and almost three times higher than in 2021. Such a sharp increase could affect inflation in vegetable consumption because 12% of the vegetables that the Poles consume are onions.


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