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Moldovan traders expect to boost apple exports to Romania in January 2023

Operators of the Moldovan fruit market expected an increase in the supply of apples to the Romanian market in December this year. As noted by representatives of fruit growers’ organizations in Moldova, there is no revival of supplies compared to November (according to EastFruit, exports amounted to just over 600 tonnes) noted yet.

However, encouraging signs of an increase in demand for imported apples from Romanian wholesale buyers appeared at the end of November. Supermarket chains have started buying Polish apples, which are large but not perfect in other quality parameters. They look good compared to local Romanian apples, but, according to Moldovan traders, Moldovan apples “are quite competitive with Polish apples currently sold in Romanian chains in terms of quality.”

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Another thing is that Romanian retailers are ready to buy Moldovan “Golden Delicious” at a price of no more than 10-11 MDL/kg (0.52-0.57/kg), in a cardboard box and in Romania. It means that for a guaranteed profitable export to the Romanian market, the purchase price for these apples in the Republic of Moldova should not exceed 4-6 MDL/kg ($0.20-0.31/kg).

Meanwhile, the wholesale purchase prices for Golden Delicious apples in the Moldovan market have stabilized at an average level of 7 MDL/kg ($0.36/kg) since the end of November. Thus, traders see no point in exporting quality products at a lower price.

In early December, Moldovan exporters send only small batches of Idared, Florina, Red Chief, and other apples to Romania.


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