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Moldova has a chance to increase the exports of apricots to the EU – opinion

Experts from the Federation of Agricultural Producers of Moldova FARM believe that Moldovan exporters may receive additional incentives to increase the supply of apricots to the European market in 2022. Moreover, in this case, both positive and negative incentives will be used.


As a positive incentive, one can consider the fact that more and more young apricot orchards of varieties popular in the EU (Kioto, Faralia, Wonder Cot, Magic Cot, Big Red, etc.) enter the period of full fruiting in Moldova. In addition, partial preferences apply to the export of Moldovan apricots to the EU: their supplies are subject to a special fixed duty, but the ad valorem component of the customs duty (20%) is not charged. This creates competitive advantages for Moldovan apricots on the European market, compared to similar products from other countries, in particular, Central Asian. Moreover, given the high probability of further rise in food prices due to the war in Ukraine, experts from farmers’ organizations hope that the EU will agree to provide Moldova with additional duty-free quotas for the export of stone fruit, in particular apricots and, possibly, peaches (fig varieties).


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A negative incentive for expanding the supply of Moldovan apricots is that by July (the month with the largest share of sales of apricots) local traders will have to find an alternative to the Russian and Ukrainian markets. In the previous two or three years, Russia and Ukraine accounted for more than half of all apricot exports from Moldova.


In 2021, Moldovan agricultural producers and traders exported about 5 500 tonnes of apricots worth more than $3 million. The largest volume was sent to Ukraine – 2 100 tonnes, Russia – 1 600 tonnes, Belarus – 725 tonnes, Romania – 397 tonnes, Germany – 167 tonnes, Hungary – 95 tonnes. In total, apricots from Moldova were supplied to 16 countries. The average invoice price for apricots exported to the European Union is $1.23/kg (to Germany – $2.01/kg), to the CIS and post-soviet states – $0.44/kg.


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