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In Moldova, apple exports fell in price due to low demand and quality

Leading up to the holidays, some Moldovan horticultural enterprises made an attempt to increase sales of low-quality apples for export to Russia. Yet, the demand for these products from export traders remained low. As a result, the local wholesale market reacted last week with a tangible price reduction for this product.

As EastFruit previously reported, last week the prices for Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Renet Semerenko apple varieties fell by 9-12%.

It should be noted that the change occurred mainly in the upper range of prices for these apple varieties. For example, the maximum price level for apples of the Renet Semerenko variety decreased by about 1 lei/kg to 9 lei/kg ($0.56/kg). In the lower price range of these products, which is oriented mainly at the domestic consumer, prices have hardly changed at $0.47-0.48/kg.

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Experts of agricultural producer associations note that the increase in proposals for the sale of apples in early December is due to the fact that in autumn, horticultural enterprises were storing apples of low quality in refrigerated warehouses due to a relatively low harvest. For this reason, farmers had concerns even at the beginning of November about the normal preservation of apples in warehouses, especially the Renet Semerenko variety. A month later, these fears have begun to be supported by facts.


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